Product updates


A closer look at some of the new Nerfbot functionality, and a glimpse of our new narrative

We're excited to catch everyone up on some of the things we've been working on behind the scenes. This update touches on some new features, tech improvements, and a sneak peek into our evolving narrative.

Backend Refinements

Firstly, our main focus has been heads down, tuning our API and backend. It's not the glamorous part, but it's what makes Nerfbot tick. We've optimized a number of processes to boost the overall performance, along with some minor usability improvements. Think of it as tightening the nuts and bolts so we can add more horsepower down the line.

New Bot Features

Changing Perspectives with Zoom
We're particularly excited about the new Zoom settings. You can now choose from three zoom settings: 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5. The .5 setting actually allows you to zoom out further than the original shot, creating a whole new vantage point. This isn't just zoom; it's a reimagining of how we experience visual narratives, and starts to truly show the incredible capabilities of NeRF technology.

Orbital Camera Path
We've created an entirely new orbital camera path with auto-stabilization for smoother, higher-quality output. This is more than just tweaking; it's creating an entirely new perspective.

UI Updates
With the new features, come a few updates to the UI. They're minor, but designed to help you focus more on creating and less on navigating.

New Brand Narrative

In addition to the engineering work, we've been working on evolving our brand narrative. Although we're not quite ready for a full release, here's a sneak peek at some of the core values that we're developing which will set the tone for how we communicate our platform.

Revisiting the Past
Unlock memories and moments like never before. Explore the past with a newfound depth and perspective, turning snapshots of time into immersive experiences.

Enriching the Present
Whether an artist sculpting the unseen or an enterprise shaping the future, Nerfbot provides tools to amplify creativity, collaboration, and connection in the here and now.

Pioneering the Future
We’re not stopping at what is; we’re pushing boundaries to what could be. Embrace the future with tools that foster innovation, exploration, and a new era of digital expression.

These values are not just conceptual; they are directional, guiding our feature development and community interaction. Expect to see these themes resonate across everything we do, from new functionalities to the stories we share.

for tg v1 release

After months of development, we’re excited to announce the v1 release of NerfBot for TG!

From day one, we've remained committed to a single goal: make NeRF tech user-friendly and accessible to everyone. With this launch, we're confident that we've made significant strides in achieving that goal. But this is only the beginning

How does it work

For V1, the functionality is straightforward: Simply take a video of an object and upload it. After about an hour, it should be done processing and you’ll receive a rendered scene based on a reconstruction of the original video. Super simple.

We’ll be closely monitoring usability and stress-testing the platform simultaneously. Expect regular updates and bug fixes. We value your input, so please share your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions.


To be part of version 1, you need to either:

• Hold a minimum of 10,000 $NERF
• Request access here

As we assess the platform’s performance under increasing workload, we’ll gradually open up to more waves of users.

Whats coming

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming for the TG bot:

• An automated camera path improvement is in the pipeline. Currently, the path is interpolated based on how the original video was shot. However, we're now working on integrating basic settings like zoom and elevation, and better predictive and object-detection functionality.

• Processing, training, and rendering duration is another key area we're looking to optimize. As we expand and get a better handle on our capabilities - and as the cost of GPU decreases - expect to see swifter turnaround times.

Simultaneously, we're also focused on our webapp's inaugural release:

• We're going all in, building our webapp from scratch, which will feature a fully custom viewer tool and camera path editor.

• E-commerce integrations for Shopify, Wordpress, Etsy, etc.

And much more to come:

• An embeddable 3D viewer built on Arweave permaweb is also in the works, which will allow anyone to share a fully interactive NeRF as effortlessly as if it were a YouTube video.

• The metaverse, spatial computing, AI/VR... NeRF makes it 100X better.

And what's beyond this? Plenty of exciting developments! We are committed to making the future of AI-powered 3D and video even more accessible, with plenty in store.

Lastly, we're incredibly grateful for the trust and dedication shown by our community, and wouldn’t have made it this far otherwise. True chads.


While it might seem quiet on the surface, rest assured that we've been relentlessly pushing forward behind the scenes! Here are a few updates:

Platform and WebApp

We've completed all parts of the build, and they're now in the final stages of testing. The UI is currently undergoing qualitative user testing. These two core components are crucial to our project, so we've dedicated time to ensure they're built correctly and rigorously tested.

Team Updates

We're thrilled to announce that the ArtByCity team (our partners in building the platform and integrating with Arweave) is joining us full-time! This collaboration strengthens our team and project, bringing extensive experience in platform development (particularly on Arweave), metaverse expertise, and invaluable industry connections.

What is coming

• We're gearing up to dive deep into the metaverse.
• We'll be pushing the boundaries of NeRF technology .
• There are mind-blowing opportunities on the horizon, some we never could have imagined.

Our relentless drive and dedication to innovation will make the $NeRF token an indispensable part of the blockchain landscape. Get ready for an exciting journey ahead!